Drive Type Grease Nipples

  • DIN 71412 Standard
  • Drive-in-type with plain shank
  • Angle: Straight (180°), 45° and 90°
  • Sizes: As per below chart or as per custmer requirement
  • Material:  Mild Steel, En1AL, 11SmnPB30+C and SAE 12L13




Product Features

  • Drive-in nipples as standard version are with plain shank, By using these nipples, you effectively save the thread-cutting process in the borehole.
  • These are designed for fast production line installation in untapped holes to avoid thread tapping costs.
  • Since this type of grease nipple is only driven in, it may get loose by strong vibration, high back pressure and pulling of hydraulic coupler so they are recommended for low and medium pressures.
  • Drive-in type grease nipples should only be lubricated by a hydraulic nozzle.


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