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  • Grease Guns

    Economy Lever Action Grease Gun

    Most popular value priced Economy Lever Action Grease Gun – for general purpose lubrication across all sorts of applications like Industrial, Agricultural and Automotive applications.


    • Lever Action Grease Gun have a sturdy construction designed for use in daily maintenance work.
    • 2-way loader for cartridge and suction loading.
    • standard air release valve.
    • Powder coated for durability with non-slip grip.
    • Option for  …
  • Grease Guns

    Heavy Duty Lever Action Grease Gun


    • Heavy Duty Lever Action Grease Gun includes a heavy duty powder coated barrel.
    • Cast aluminum head with bulk loader / bleeder valve, soft rubber grip with heavy duty follwer spring.
    • Variable stroke lever for use in confined areas.
    • 3-way loader allows cartridge, suction, & bulk loading.
    • Option for  6″ rigid extension Or 6″ flexible Hose.
    • Rubber Grip for conveience.
  • Grease Guns

    Pistol Grip Grease Gun

    Pistol Grip Grease Guns only require one hand to operate and are ideal for use in confined spaces where access to fittings is restricted.


    • Pistol Grip Grease Guns feature a CNC machined aluminum die cast head with bulk loader and air release valve.
    • Heavy duty steel barrel with non-slip surfaces.
    • Pistol handle designed to prevent fingers from pinching.
    • Heavy duty …
  • Grease Guns

    Push Type Grease Gun

    Push Type Grease Guns are compact and portable, ideal for quickly greasing lawn mowers, chain saws, ATV’s, autos, pallet trucks, boats, jet skis, etc.


    • Made of  high quality power coated steel body fitted with universal connector.
    • Suitable for hydraulic, ball-type, and flush-type nipples.
    • Light pressure suffices to allow for an effective lubriction of all kind of grease nipples.
    • and push-type …