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  • Extension Pipe and Hoses

    Grease Gun Extension Pipes

    Extension pipes for grease gun permit ease of attachment to nipples and are manufactured from heavy duty steel tubing.

    • Extension tube comes with check nut which makes it possible to stabilize the nozzle in any desired.
    • Steel construction in bright zinc plated and power coating finish.
    • High strength rolled threads on both ends provide a tight seal.
    • Available …
  • Extension Pipe and Hoses

    Grease Gun Hoses

    Hoses establish an optimal connection between your grease gun and lubrication spot and due to their flexible construction, allow greasing access to nipples with limited reach.

    • Zinc plated steel end connection with hydraulic crimping.
    • Highly Flexible thermoplastic construction which prevents cracking.
    • With 3.6 mm Large bore opening for volume output.